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Crystal Readings

Crystal readings are a great way to view any issues you are experiencing. Crystal readings can also help you to know what crystals you should wear or carry at this time to assist you in improving your life. A Crystal reading can help you release energy blockages and bring healing and balance back to your life.

Photo Reading

Taylor can obtain a world of information from just one photo, while also delving into your past, present and future. She can tell you about the person in the photo and how or if they relate to you. Sometimes Taylor gains a knowledge from a photo that can help you understand what you are facing. It is a very good method of seeing the many levels.

One picture can tell the whole story

Chakra Balancing

A chakra or “wheel of energy’ is a center of activity that generates and expresses life force energy, chi or prana. The chakra system is a map of the energetic body showing where and how the body, mind and emotions intersect. There are times in our lives when these energy centers are out of balance

Energy Readings

Psychic energy is the energy that Psychic’s are able to somehow tap into, sense or otherwise connect with. It’s an energy that exists outside the known physical energies such as light


or electricity. Taylor has the ability to sense energy that science does not yet understand.

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Love/Romance Readings

Maybe you are facing the difficult situation of a relationship breakdown and wondering if its over for good or weather he or she is ever going to come back. A psychic reading is definitely a good idea to see what the other person is feeling and what the outcome might be. Ask Taylor your questions